Ask the Editor
Jane Mairs, Director of English language Learning Publishing
The meaning of "I know, right?"
Thursday November 13th 2014
What is the meaning of the expression, "I know right?" and in what situations can we use it? — Lisa, United States

People use the expression, “I know, right?” as a response to what someone else just said, when they agree with it emphatically (strongly). Here is a good example of its usage, based on a conversation between two students talking about their math teacher, on Twitter:

Mia:  He is the worst math teacher. All he does is put up notes for us to copy without explaining them, and then give us homework.

Tina: And the notes never help.

Mia:  I feel like I have to teach myself everything.

Tina: I know, right? 

One more thing: When people use the expression, "I know, right?" in speech, it has a distinct intonation pattern, with falling intonation on the word know and rising intonation on the word right

I hope this helps.