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Serenity Carr, Assistant Editor
What Does 'Subject to' Mean?
Wednesday April 8th 2020
What does 'subject to' mean in a sentence? — Emtiaz , Bangladesh

Subject to has three different meanings.

1. Subject to can mean "affected by or possibly affected by (something). Below are some examples of this use:

  • Residents are subject to a $100 fine if they are caught littering.
  • Clothing purchases are not subject to tax. [=you do not have to pay tax when you buy clothes]
  • The field trip is scheduled for June but the date is subject to change. [=the date might change]


2. Subject to can also mean "likely to do, have, or suffer from (something). Below are some examples of this use:

  • He is subject to anxiety attacks.
  • California is subject to earthquakes.


3. Subject to can also mean "dependent on something else to happen or be true." Below are some examples of this use:

  • The renovations to their house are subject to town approval. [=the town must approve the renovation plan before work can begin]
  • Rooms at the inn are $200 a night, subject to availability.


I hope this helps.


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