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Questions Using "Do"
Monday January 11th 2021
Is it correct to say "Do your friend goes shopping?" — Foggy, Oman

When using the verb "do" to ask a question, the tense inflection is on "do" and the main verb is in it's infinitive (base) form.

For exmple, as a statement, you would say "Your friend goes shopping" but when you make it a question with "do" it is "Does your friend go shopping?" "Does" is in present tense third person singular form, and "go" is uninflected. Below are more examples of this:

  • Your friend went shopping. --> Did your friend go shopping?
  • His mom ate lunch. --> Did his mom eat lunch?
  • School starts at 8:00. --> Does school start at 8:00?
  • You want to go. --> Do you want to go?
  • I forgot. --> Did I forget?
  • She bought a new car. --> Did she buy a new car?
  • He owns his home. --> Does he own his home?
  • They like pizza. --> Do they like pizza?


Use "does" for present tense third person singular. Use "do" for present tense first and second person singular and plural, and third person plural. Use "did" for past tense of all persons and numbers.


I hope this helps.


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