Ask the Editor
Serenity Carr, Associate Editor
Me and Chris or Chris and I?
Tuesday August 1st 2017
Should I say "Me and Chris are on the way to work" or "Chris and I are on the way to work"? Are both correct or is only one correct? — Joey, United States

In the sentence "Chris and I/me and Chris are on the way to work," the subject is "Chris and I/me and Chris." English teachers will tell you to use "Chris and I" when it is the subject of a sentence because "I" is a subject pronoun, and it is polite to name the other person first.

You should always use "I" as the subject in formal or professional writing, and when speaking in formal or professional situations. However, very often people use the construction "me and Chris" in subject position in casual speech, and this is fine.

Sometimes the variation "Chris and me" is also used as a subject in casual speech. "I and Chris" is rarely or never used.


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