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Serenity Carr, Assistant Editor
I or Me: When to Use Each
Friday March 27th 2020
My teacher told Terry and (I/me) to collect the books. Which is correct? — Modou , United Kingdom

The correct choice is 'me' because 'Terry and me' is the object of the verb 'told' and 'me' is the object pronoun: My teacher told Terry and me to collect the books.

Use 'I' when it is the subject of the verb, as in 'Terry and I told the teacher to collect the books.'


Below are more examples of when to use 'I' and 'me.'


James and I love going on hikes in the park.

Cheryl and I had to leave the party early.

My sister and I gave the flowers to our mother.

Jason and Megan sent Kelly and me a letter in the mail.

The manager told my mom and me that we would get a full refund for the faulty product.

He gave the ball to my brother and me.


I hope this helps.



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