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Serenity Carr, Assistant Editor
'On the Go' and 'On the Way'
Monday September 14th 2020
What is the difference between "on the go" and "on the way"? — Ammy, India

On the go means "very active or busy." On the way means "moving from one place to another place." Some variants of on the way are on his/her/our/their/my way.

Below are some examples of how each phrase is used.

On the go:

He's such an active child, always on the go.

She is on the go whenever she's at work.

They've been on the go all day trying to finish packing for their move.


On the way:

I'm on my way—I'll be there in ten minutes.

We were on the way to work when the car broke down.

Jerry is on the way over with pizza and a movie.

Mom is on her way home and we still haven't tidied up the house.


I hope this helps.

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