1 wolf /ˈwʊlf/ noun
plural wolves /ˈwʊlvz/
1 wolf
plural wolves /ˈwʊlvz/
Learner's definition of WOLF
: a large wild animal that is similar to a dog and that often hunts in groups compare coyote, jackal; see also lone wolf, werewolf

a wolf in sheep's clothing

: a person who appears to be friendly or helpful but who really is dangerous or dishonest

cry wolf

see 1cry

keep the wolf from the door

: to have or earn enough money to afford things (such as food and clothing) that you need to live

throw someone to the wolves

: to put someone in a position that allows them to be criticized or treated badly without any defense or protection

— wolfish

/ˈwʊlfɪʃ/ adjective [more wolfish; most wolfish]
2 wolf /ˈwʊlf/ verb
wolfs; wolfed; wolfing
2 wolf
wolfs; wolfed; wolfing
Learner's definition of WOLF
[+ object]
: to eat (something) very quickly usually + down
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