1 within /wɪˈðɪn/ /wɪˈθɪn/ preposition
1 within
/wɪˈðɪn/ /wɪˈθɪn/
Learner's definition of WITHIN
: inside (a certain area or space)
: inside (a group, company, society, etc.)
: before the end of (a particular period of time)
: less than (a particular distance) from something or someone
: not beyond the limits of (something)
used to say how close someone is or was to doing or achieving something
: in the thoughts or character of (someone)
2 within /wɪˈðɪn/ /wɪˈθɪn/ adverb
2 within
/wɪˈðɪn/ /wɪˈθɪn/
Learner's definition of WITHIN
: inside something
: in someone's inner thoughts, feelings, etc.
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