1 wise /ˈwaɪz/ adjective
wiser; wisest
1 wise
wiser; wisest
Learner's definition of WISE
: having or showing wisdom or knowledge usually from learning or experiencing many things
see also penny-wise, streetwise
: based on good reasoning or information : showing good sense or judgment
US, informal : saying things that are rude or insulting

a word to the wise

see 1word

crack wise

see 1crack

none the wiser

or not any the wiser
: not knowing or understanding anything more about something
also never the wiser used to describe someone who is not at all aware of something that has happened

wise in the ways of

: having knowledge about or experience with (someone or something)

wise to

: not fooled by (someone or something)
: aware of (something, especially something dishonest)

— wisely

adverb [more wisely; most wisely]
2 wise /ˈwaɪz/ verb
wises; wised; wising
2 wise
wises; wised; wising
Learner's definition of WISE

wise up

[phrasal verb] informal
: to become aware of what is really happening often + to
: to start to think and act in a more intelligent way