1 wide /ˈwaɪd/ adjective
wider; widest
1 wide
wider; widest
Learner's definition of WIDE
: extending a great distance from one side to the other : not narrow
opposite narrow
: measured from side to side : having a specified width
: opened as far as possible
: not limited in range or amount : extensive
: including or involving a large number of people or things
: extending throughout a specified area usually used in combination
: away from a target used to describe something that does not hit what you were aiming at often + of
see also wide of the mark at 1mark

give (someone or something) a wide berth

see 1berth

— wideness

noun [noncount]
2 wide /ˈwaɪd/ adverb
2 wide
Learner's definition of WIDE
: at a great distance : far
: to the side of something by a large distance usually + of
: to the fullest extent : as fully as possible : completely

far and wide

see 1far