1 whole /ˈhoʊl/ adjective
1 whole
Learner's definition of WHOLE
always used before a noun : complete or full : not lacking or leaving out any part
: having all the parts : not divided or cut into parts or pieces
: great or large in size, extent, etc.
used for emphasis before a noun

go (the) whole hog

see 1hog

out of whole cloth

see cloth

the whole enchilada

see enchilada

the whole (kit and) caboodle

see caboodle

the whole nine yards

see 2yard

the whole shebang

see shebang

the whole shooting match

see shooting match

whole nother

see nother

— wholeness

noun [noncount]
2 whole /ˈhoʊl/ noun
plural wholes
2 whole
plural wholes
Learner's definition of WHOLE
: something that is full or complete usually singular

as a whole

: as a complete unit used to make a statement that relates to all the parts of something

in whole

: to the full or entire extent used in the phrase in whole or in part

on the whole

used to say what you think is true, what should be done, etc., when you consider a situation in a general way
: in general : in most cases
3 whole /ˈhoʊl/ adverb
3 whole
Learner's definition of WHOLE
: entirely or completely
: in one piece that has not been cut into parts