1 tuck /ˈtʌk/ verb
tucks; tucked; tucking
1 tuck
tucks; tucked; tucking
Learner's definition of TUCK
[+ object] : to push the end of (something, such as a piece of cloth or paper) into or behind something in order to hold it in place, make it look neat, etc.
[+ object]
: to put (something) in a particular place usually to hide it, hold it, or make it safe
often + away
sometimes used figuratively
used as tucked to indicate the quiet or hidden place where something is located often + away
British, informal : to eat with pleasure
[+ object]
+ away
[no object]
+ in or into

tuck in

[phrasal verb] or chiefly British tuck up
tuck (someone) in/up
: to make (someone, such as a child) comfortable in bed by moving the blankets to the right positions
2 tuck /ˈtʌk/ noun
plural tucks
2 tuck
plural tucks
Learner's definition of TUCK
: a fold that is sewn into a piece of clothing or fabric
: an operation to remove extra skin or fat from a part of the body
see also nip and tuck