1 true /ˈtruː/ adjective
truer; truest
1 true
truer; truest
Learner's definition of TRUE
[also more true; most true]
: agreeing with the facts : not false
always used before a noun : real or genuine
: having all the expected or necessary qualities of a specified type of person or thing
: completely loyal or faithful often + to
: placed or done correctly or perfectly : without error
always used before a noun : rightful, legal, or official
: exact and accurate : faithful
often + to
used to admit that something is correct or true
not used before a noun, technical : in a position that is exactly straight, flat, even, etc.

come true

: to become real : to happen in the way that you wished or dreamed

show your true colors

see 1color

too good to be true

see 1good

true believer

: someone who is completely and often foolishly loyal to a person or an idea

true to form

see 1form

true to life

: realistic and natural

true to yourself

: acting in a way that agrees with your beliefs or values

true to your word

: doing what you said you would do : keeping your promise
see also tried-and-true
2 true /ˈtruː/ adverb
2 true
Learner's definition of TRUE
: in a straight line
3 true /ˈtruː/ noun
3 true
Learner's definition of TRUE
: the quality or state of being straight, flat, even, etc.