1 trot /ˈtrɑːt/ verb
trots; trotted; trotting
1 trot
trots; trotted; trotting
Learner's definition of TROT
[no object]
of a horse : to move at a speed faster than walking by stepping with each front leg at the same time as the opposite back leg
always followed by an adverb or preposition
: to run at a slow, steady pace
: to move quickly : hurry

hot to trot

see 1hot

trot out

[phrasal verb]
trot (something) out or trot out (something) informal
disapproving : to say (something that has been said before) as an excuse, explanation, etc.
: to bring (something) out to be displayed
2 trot /ˈtrɑːt/ noun
plural trots
2 trot
plural trots
Learner's definition of TROT
[singular] : a horse's way of moving that is faster than a walk but slower than a gallop compare 1canter, 1gallop
[singular] : a person's way of running slowly
the trots informal : diarrhea

on the trot

British, informal
: following one after another
: busy all the time
see also fox-trot