1 trash /ˈtræʃ/ noun
1 trash
Learner's definition of TRASH
: things that are no longer useful or wanted and that have been thrown away
: a container where people put things that are being thrown away
informal : something that is very low in quality
chiefly US, informal + disapproving : someone who has very low social status or who is not respected
see also trailer trash, white trash

talk trash

US, informal
: to say insulting things especially to an opponent in a contest, game, etc. see also trash talk
2 trash /ˈtræʃ/ verb
trashes; trashed; trashing
2 trash
trashes; trashed; trashing
Learner's definition of TRASH
[+ object] informal
US : to throw away (something)
: to cause great damage to (something)
: to criticize (someone or something) very harshly