1 trace /ˈtreɪs/ noun
plural traces
1 trace
plural traces
Learner's definition of TRACE
: a very small amount of something
sometimes used before another noun
see also trace element
: something (such as a mark or an object) which shows that someone or something was in a particular place
technical : a line drawn by a machine to record how something (such as a heartbeat or an earthquake) changes or happens over time
2 trace /ˈtreɪs/ verb
traces; traced; tracing
2 trace
traces; traced; tracing
Learner's definition of TRACE
[+ object]
: to draw the outline of (something)
especially : to copy (a design or picture) by putting a thin piece of paper that you can see through over it and drawing on top of it
: to draw (something, such as letters or a picture) especially in a careful way
often + out
[+ object] : to follow the path or line of (something)
: to follow (something) back to its cause, beginning, or origin : to find out where something came from
[+ object]
usually + to
often + back
[no object]
[+ object] : to describe or study the way (something) happened over time
[+ object] : to try to find (someone or something) by collecting and studying evidence

— traceable

/ˈtreɪsəbəl/ adjective [more traceable; most traceable]