1 tie /ˈtaɪ/ verb
ties; tied; tying /ˈtajɪŋ/
1 tie
ties; tied; tying /ˈtajɪŋ/
Learner's definition of TIE
[+ object] : to attach (someone or something) to something with a string, rope, etc.
[+ object] : to pass (something, such as a string, ribbon, or rope) around itself in a way that attaches it to something or holds it in place : to make a knot or bow in (something)
often + to
sometimes used figuratively
: to close or hold (something) with a string, rope, etc., that is attached to it or wrapped around it
[+ object]
[no object]
see also hands are tied at 1hand
: to make the score of a game or contest equal
[+ object]
[no object]
[no object] : to end a game, race, etc., with the same score or in the same position as another person or team
[+ object] : to achieve the same score, time, etc., as (a person, a record, etc.)
[+ object] : to connect (someone or something) to another person or thing usually used as (be) tied to
[+ object] : to cause or require (someone) to be somewhere, do something, etc.
often used as (be) tied to

fit to be tied

see 1fit

tie down

[phrasal verb]
tie (something or someone) down or tie down (something or someone) : to attach (something or someone) especially to a flat surface by using string, rope, etc.
tie (someone) down or tie down (someone) : to limit the freedom of (someone)
often used as (be) tied down

tie in

[phrasal verb]
: to be related or connected to something + to or with
tie in (something) or tie (something) in : to connect (something) to something else + to or with
see also tie-in

tie off

[phrasal verb]
tie off (something) or tie (something) off
: to fasten or hold (something) by tying a knot or bow at its end
: to close (something) with string, thread, etc.

tie one on

US, informal + old-fashioned
: to become drunk

tie on the feedbag

see feedbag

tie the knot

see 1knot

tie up

[phrasal verb]
tie up or tie (something) up or tie up (something) : to become attached or to attach (something) to a fixed object with a string, rope, etc.
tie (something) up or tie up (something)
: to deal with (something) in order to complete something
US : to prevent the use or progress of (something)
tie up (money) in (something) or tie (money) up in (something) : to invest (money) in (something) in a way that prevents it from being used for some other purpose
usually used as (be) tied up in
tie up with (something) or be tied up with (something) : to be connected or related to (something)
tie (someone) up or tie up (someone)
: to tie rope, tape, etc., around the body, arms, or legs of (someone) in order to keep that person from moving or escaping
: to prevent (someone) from doing other things or from going to a particular place usually used as (be) tied up
see also 1tie 1, 2 (above), tie-up

tie yourself (up) in knots

see 1knot
2 tie /ˈtaɪ/ noun
plural ties
2 tie
plural ties
Learner's definition of TIE
: necktie
see also bow tie
: a piece of string, ribbon, cord, etc., that is used for fastening, joining, or closing something see also twist tie
: something (such as an idea, interest, experience, or feeling) that is shared by people or groups and that forms a connection between them usually plural
: a responsibility that limits a person's freedom to do other things
: the final result of a game, contest, etc., in which two or more people or teams finish with the same number of points, votes, etc. usually singular
: a situation in which two or more people or teams have the same number of points, votes, etc., in a game or contest usually singular
US : one of the heavy pieces of wood to which the rails of a railroad are fastened
called also (British) sleeper
British, sports : a match in a sports competition (such as a soccer or tennis tournament) in which the loser is eliminated