1 ticket /ˈtɪkət/ noun
plural tickets
1 ticket
plural tickets
Learner's definition of TICKET
[count] : a piece of paper that allows you to see a show, participate in an event, travel on a vehicle, etc.
see also season ticket
[count] : a card or piece of paper that shows that you are participating in a contest, raffle, etc. see also scratch ticket
[count] : a piece of paper that officially tells you that you have driven or parked your car improperly and that you will have to pay a fine see also parking ticket, speeding ticket
[count] British : a piece of paper that is attached to an item in a store and that gives information about its price, size, etc.
[singular] chiefly US : a list of the candidates supported by a political party in an election
see also split ticket, split the ticket at 1split
[singular] : something that makes it possible to get or achieve something that you want
see also meal ticket
the ticket informal + somewhat old-fashioned : the correct or most desirable thing : the thing that is needed or wanted
often used in the phrase just the ticket

write your own ticket

see write
see also hot ticket
2 ticket /ˈtɪkət/ verb
tickets; ticketed; ticketing
2 ticket
tickets; ticketed; ticketing
Learner's definition of TICKET
[+ object]
chiefly US : to give (a driver) a ticket for driving or parking improperly
: to give or sell a ticket to (someone)
US : to give (someone or something) a specific purpose or destination usually used as (be) ticketed

— ticketing

noun [noncount]
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