1 thread /ˈθrɛd/ noun
plural threads
1 thread
plural threads
Learner's definition of THREAD
: a long, thin piece of cotton, silk, etc., used for sewing
see picture at sewing
[count] literary : a long, thin line of something usually + of
[count] : the raised line that winds around a screw
[singular] : an idea, feeling, etc., that connects the different parts of something (such as a story)
[count] computers : a series of related messages that are written on an Internet message board
threads [plural] US, informal + old-fashioned : clothes

hang by a thread

see 1hang

pick up the threads

: to begin something again after a long time

— threadlike

/ˈθrɛdˌlaɪk/ adjective
2 thread /ˈθrɛd/ verb
threads; threaded; threading
2 thread
threads; threaded; threading
Learner's definition of THREAD
[+ object] : to put a thread, string, rope, etc., through a hole in something
[+ object] : to put (film or tape) into a movie camera, tape recorder, etc., so that it is ready to be used
: to move forward by turning and going through narrow spaces
[+ object]
[no object]
[+ object] : to put (something) on a thread : string

— threader

noun, plural threaders [count]