1 third /ˈθɚd/ adjective
1 third
Learner's definition of THIRD
always used before a noun
: occupying the number three position in a series
: next to the second in importance or rank
: equal in size, value, amount, etc., to one third of something
: used to refer to the third forward gear or speed of a vehicle

the third time is the charm

(US) or British third time lucky
used to say that two efforts at something have already failed but perhaps the third will be successful

— third

2 third /ˈθɚd/ noun
plural thirds
2 third
plural thirds
Learner's definition of THIRD
[singular] : something that is third : the third thing in a series
[count] : one of three equal parts of something
[noncount] : the third forward gear or speed of a vehicle
[noncount] baseball : third base
[count] British : an undergraduate degree of the lowest level from a British university
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