1 there /ˈðeɚ/ adverb
1 there
Learner's definition of THERE
: in that place : at that location
used in speech when something is found
: to or into that place
: at that point in a process, activity, story, etc.
: in that particular matter
used with the verb be at the beginning of a sentence that makes a statement about a situation or asks about a situation
used to introduce a sentence in which the subject comes after the verb
used in speech after a noun to emphasize which person, thing, etc., you are referring to
informal used to address a person or animal
◊ Do not confuse there with their or they're.

been there, done that

see be 8

have been there

used to say that you have experienced the same thing that someone else has experienced

here and there

see 1here

here, there, and everywhere

see 1here

neither here nor there

see 1here

out there

used to say in a general way that someone or something exists
see also out-there

then and there

or there and then
see 1then

there go/goes

see 1go

there's … for you

see 1for

there you are

informal or there you go
used to tell someone that you have given them what they asked for
used to indicate that something is completed or done in a satisfactory way

there you have it

used to indicate that something is completed or done in a satisfactory way

you have me there

or there you have me
see have
2 there /ˈðeɚ/ adjective
2 there
Learner's definition of THERE
not used before a noun
: capable of being relied on for support or help

not all there

see 2all
3 there /ˈðeɚ/ interjection
3 there
Learner's definition of THERE
used to attract attention
used to show satisfaction, approval, or encouragement

so there

used to say in a somewhat rude, angry, or childish way that you have stated your opinion or decision and will not change it

there, there

used to tell someone not to be worried or unhappy
4 there /ˈðeɚ/ noun
4 there
Learner's definition of THERE
: that point