1 than /ˈðæn/ /ðən/ conjunction
1 than
/ˈðæn/ /ðən/
Learner's definition of THAN
used to introduce the second or last of two or more things or people that are being compared used with the comparative form of an adjective or adverb
see also other than at 1other, rather than at rather
used to say that something happens immediately after something else
2 than /ˈðæn/ /ðən/ preposition
2 than
/ˈðæn/ /ðən/
Learner's definition of THAN
: when compared to used with pronouns in the objective case (me, her, him, them, and us) in the same way that the conjunction than is used with pronouns in the subjective case (I, she, he, they, and we)
Usage Some people consider the use of than as a preposition to be incorrect. It is very common, however, especially in the phrase than me.

none other than

see 1none