1 terminal /ˈtɚmənl̟/ adjective
1 terminal
Learner's definition of TERMINAL
: causing death eventually : leading finally to death
: having an illness that cannot be cured and that will soon lead to death
: of or relating to patients who have a terminal illness
informal : very bad or severe
: at the end : forming or coming at the end of something

in terminal decline

: getting worse without any chance to improve

— terminally

2 terminal /ˈtɚmənl̟/ noun
plural terminals
2 terminal
plural terminals
Learner's definition of TERMINAL
: a building where buses or trains regularly stop so that passengers can get on and off : station
: a building at an airport where people get on and off airplanes
: a computer or a combination of a keyboard and a video display that is connected to a system and used for entering or receiving data
: a part on a piece of electrical equipment (such as a car battery) where you make an electrical connection