1 taste /ˈteɪst/ noun
plural tastes
1 taste
plural tastes
Learner's definition of TASTE
[count] : the sweet, sour, bitter, or salty quality of a thing that you can sense when it is in your mouth : the flavor that you can taste when you eat or drink something
sometimes used figuratively
[noncount] : the ability to notice or recognize flavors when you eat or drink : the ability to taste things
[count] : a small amount of food or drink that you have in order to see how it tastes usually singular
[singular] : something (such as a brief experience) that gives you some knowledge about what something is like usually + of
: the feelings that each person has about what is appealing, attractive, etc. : the feelings that cause someone to like or not like something
see also acquired taste at acquire
: the ability to choose what is appealing, attractive, appropriate, or enjoyable
used in phrases to say that something (such as a person's speech or behavior) is or is not proper and acceptable

a taste of your own medicine

see medicine

to taste

: in an amount that results in the taste that you want used in recipes to indicate how much salt, pepper, etc., should be added to food
2 taste /ˈteɪst/ verb
tastes; tasted; tasting
2 taste
tastes; tasted; tasting
Learner's definition of TASTE
not used in progressive tenses, [linking verb] : to have a particular taste
sometimes + of
[+ object]
: to sense the flavor of (something that you are eating or drinking)
: to put a small amount of (food or drink) in your mouth in order to find out what its flavor is
not used in progressive tenses : eat
[+ object] : to experience (something)

taste blood

see blood