1 swim /ˈswɪm/ verb
swims; swam /ˈswæm/ ; swum /ˈswʌm/ ; swimming
1 swim
swims; swam /ˈswæm/ ; swum /ˈswʌm/ ; swimming
Learner's definition of SWIM
[no object] : to move through water by moving your arms and legs
see also swimming
[+ object] : to move through or across (an area of water) by swimming
[+ object] : to swim by using (a specified method)
[no object] of a fish, bird, etc. : to move through or over water
[no object] : to be completely covered with a liquid usually used as (be) swimming in
[no object]
: to feel dizzy or unable to think clearly because you are sick, confused, etc.
of something you are looking at : to seem to be moving around because you are tired, sick, etc.

sink or swim

see 1sink

swim with/against the tide

see 1tide
2 swim /ˈswɪm/ noun
plural swims
2 swim
plural swims
Learner's definition of SWIM
: an act or period of swimming usually singular

in/into the swim (of things)

: involved in an activity or informed about a situation