1 sweat /ˈswɛt/ verb
sweats; sweat or sweated; sweating
1 sweat
sweats; sweat or sweated; sweating
Learner's definition of SWEAT
[no object] : to produce a clear liquid from your skin when you are hot or nervous
[no object] informal : to work very hard
often + over
: to feel worried or nervous about something
[no object]
often + over
[+ object]
[no object] : to go through an experience that causes a lot of emotional stress or worry usually + through
[+ object] US : to worry or be nervous about (something)
[no object] : to produce small drops of liquid on the surface
[+ object] chiefly British : to cook (something) slowly in a covered pan with a little fat

sweat blood

see blood

sweat bullets

US, informal
: to be very nervous or worried

sweat off

[phrasal verb]
sweat off (something) or sweat (something) off
: to lose (an amount of weight) by sweating (especially by exercising a lot)

sweat out

[phrasal verb]
sweat out (something) or sweat (something) out informal
: to wait nervously until the end of (something)
: to work hard at (something)
: to get or achieve (something, such as a victory) by working very hard
: to end (an illness) by exercising and sweating
2 sweat /ˈswɛt/ noun
2 sweat
Learner's definition of SWEAT
[noncount] : the clear liquid that forms on your skin when you are hot or nervous : perspiration
[count] : the state or condition of someone who is sweating usually singular
see also cold sweat
[noncount] : hard work
[noncount] : moisture that forms in drops on a surface

break a sweat

(US) or British break sweat
: to begin to sweat
often used figuratively to say that something is not hard for someone to do

by the sweat of your brow

: by doing hard, physical work

in a sweat

: very nervous or worried about something

no sweat

: with little or no difficulty : easily