1 sure /ˈʃɚ/ Brit /ˈʃɔː/ adjective
surer; surest
1 sure
/ˈʃɚ/ Brit /ˈʃɔː/
surer; surest
Learner's definition of SURE
[also more sure; most sure]
not used before a noun : not having any doubt about something : convinced or certain
: not allowing any doubt or possibility of failure
see also sure thing (below)
used to say that something will definitely happen or that someone will definitely do something usually followed by to + verb
: known to be true or correct
: firm or solid
often used figuratively
: calm, steady, and confident

be sure

used to tell someone not to forget to do something

for sure

: without a doubt : definitely or certainly

make sure

: to find out or do something so that you have no doubt about whether something is true, correct, will happen, etc.

sure of yourself

: confident in your abilities
somewhat disapproving : overly confident or arrogant

sure thing

used to say “yes” or to agree to a request or suggestion
see also 1sure 2 (above)

to be sure

used to say that you admit that something is true
2 sure /ˈʃɚ/ Brit /ˈʃɔː/ adverb
2 sure
/ˈʃɚ/ Brit /ˈʃɔː/
Learner's definition of SURE
used to say “yes” or to agree to a request or suggestion
used to disagree with a negative statement or suggestion
used to emphasize that you agree with the first part of the statement that you are about to make
US used as an informal way to accept someone's thanks
US used for emphasis

sure enough

used to say that what happened was not surprising or unexpected