1 sun /ˈsʌn/ noun
plural suns
1 sun
plural suns
Learner's definition of SUN
the sun also the Sun : the star that the Earth moves around and that gives the Earth heat and light
[count] : any star that has planets which move around it
[noncount] : the heat or light produced by the sun : sunshine or sunlight

in the sun

◊ If someone or something has a day/moment/time, etc., in the sun, that person or thing is popular or gets a lot of attention during a period of time.

make hay (while the sun shines)

see hay

place in the sun

: a very good, successful, or desirable position

under the sun

: in the world used to emphasize the large number of things that are being mentioned
2 sun /ˈsʌn/ verb
suns; sunned; sunning
2 sun
suns; sunned; sunning
Learner's definition of SUN
: to sit or lie in the light of the sun especially in order to make your skin darker
[no object]
[+ object]