1 suck /ˈsʌk/ verb
sucks; sucked; sucking
1 suck
sucks; sucked; sucking
Learner's definition of SUCK
[+ object] : to pull (liquid, air, etc.) into your mouth especially while your lips are forming a small hole
: to pull on (something in your mouth) with the muscles of your lips and mouth
[+ object]
[no object]
: to let (something, such as candy or medicine) stay in your mouth as it melts
[+ object]
[no object]
always followed by an adverb or preposition [+ object]
: to pull (something) with the force of moving water, air, etc.
: to remove (something) from an area or substance by pulling it with the force of moving water, air, etc.
sometimes used figuratively
[+ object] : to make (part of your body) flatter or tighter by pulling your muscles inward + in
[+ object] : to cause (someone) to become involved or interested in something + in or into
often used as (be/get) sucked in/into
not used in progressive tenses [no object] informal + sometimes impolite
: to be very bad or unpleasant
: to do something very badly
often + at

suck it and see

British, informal
: to try something in order to find out if it is good, effective, etc.

suck (someone or something) dry

see 1dry

suck up

[phrasal verb]
informal + disapproving : to try to get the approval of someone in authority by saying and doing helpful and friendly things that are not sincere usually + to
see also suck-up
suck it up US, informal : to do or deal with something unpleasant by making a special effort
see also 1suck 2b (above)
2 suck /ˈsʌk/ noun
plural sucks
2 suck
plural sucks
Learner's definition of SUCK