1 stroke /ˈstroʊk/ noun
plural strokes
1 stroke
plural strokes
Learner's definition of STROKE
[count] medical : a serious illness caused when a blood vessel in your brain suddenly breaks or is blocked
see also sunstroke
: an act of hitting a ball or the movement made to hit a ball during a game
see also ground stroke
golf : an act of hitting the ball that is counted as part of a player's score
: one of a series of repeated movements of your arms in swimming or rowing that you make to move yourself or the boat through the water
: a style of swimming see also backstroke, breaststroke
[count] : one of a series of repeated movements by something that goes up and down or back and forth
[count] : an act of hitting someone or something with a stick, whip, etc.
[count] : a gentle movement of your hand over or along something
[count] : a single act of moving a pen or brush when it is being used to write or paint
also : a line or mark made by a pen or brush
see also brushstroke, keystroke
[count] : one of the sounds made by a clock or bell to indicate a particular time
[singular] : an exact time
[count] : a single decisive action
[count] : something good, lucky, etc., that happens or is thought of suddenly usually singular
[count] : a bright flash of lightning

a stroke of work

: any work at all

put (someone) off their stroke

: to cause someone to hesitate or be confused
2 stroke /ˈstroʊk/ verb
strokes; stroked; stroking
2 stroke
strokes; stroked; stroking
Learner's definition of STROKE
[+ object]
: to move your hand over (someone or something) gently and in one direction
always followed by an adverb or preposition
: to move (something) gently in one direction
: to hit or kick (a ball) with a smooth movement
chiefly US, informal : to say nice things to (someone) in order to get approval, agreement, etc.

— stroker

noun, plural strokers [count]