1 street /ˈstriːt/ noun
plural streets
1 street
plural streets
Learner's definition of STREET
: a road in a city or town that has houses or other buildings on one or both sides
often used in names
sometimes used figuratively
see also easy street, fleet street, high street, main street, wall street
informal : a poor part of a city where there is a lot of crime usually plural

hit the streets

see 1hit

pound the streets

see 2pound

streets ahead of

British, informal
: much better than (other people or things)

the man in the street

see 1man

up someone's street

British, informal
: suited to someone's tastes or abilities
2 street /ˈstriːt/ adjective
2 street
Learner's definition of STREET
always used before a noun
: of or relating to streets
: occurring, performing, working, or living on a street or sidewalk
: of, relating to, or characteristic of a poor part of a city where there is a lot of crime
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