1 store /ˈstoɚ/ verb
stores; stored; storing
1 store
stores; stored; storing
Learner's definition of STORE
[+ object]
: to put (something that is not being used) in a place where it is available, where it can be kept safely, etc.
often + away
: to collect and put (something) into one location for future use
often + up
: to place (information) in a person's memory or a computer's memory often + away
2 store /ˈstoɚ/ noun
plural stores
2 store
plural stores
Learner's definition of STORE
: a building or room where things are sold
see also bookstore, chain store, convenience store, department store, dime store, drugstore, general store, package store, superstore, variety store
Usage see: [1]shop 1a
: a large building in which something is kept for future use
[count] : a large amount or supply of something that is kept for future use often + of
stores [plural] : things that are collected and kept for future use
[noncount] used to say that something is regarded as having a lot of value or importance

in store

: in a state of being ready or prepared to happen or be done
used to talk about what will happen to someone in the future

mind the store

see 2mind
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