1 state /ˈsteɪt/ noun
plural states
1 state
plural states
Learner's definition of STATE
: a way of living or existing
: the overall physical condition of something : the ability of something to be used, enjoyed, etc.
: the things that affect the way you think or feel : your physical or mental condition
often + of
: the things that affect the way something is or happens : the characteristics of a situation
often + of
see also state-of-the-art, state of emergency at emergency
[count] : the fact of being a liquid, solid, or gas
: a politically organized group of people usually occupying a definite territory : nation
see also city-state, nation-state
: a particular kind of government or politically organized society see also police state, slave state, welfare state
[count] : a region of a country that is controlled by the country's central government but that has the authority to make its own laws about certain things
often used in combination
see also downstate, upstate
the States informal : the United States of America
[noncount] : the government of a country
see also state's evidence

lie in state

◊ When the body of a famous leader (such as a former U.S. president or the pope) lies in state, it is displayed in a coffin in a public place so that people can view it and show respect.
2 state /ˈsteɪt/ verb
states; stated; stating
2 state
states; stated; stating
Learner's definition of STATE
[+ object]
: to express (something) formally in speech or writing
: to give (specific information, instructions, rules, etc.) in writing
often used as (be) stated