1 stamp /ˈstæmp/ noun
plural stamps
1 stamp
plural stamps
Learner's definition of STAMP
: a small piece of paper that you buy and then stick to an envelope or package to pay the cost of mailing it
called also postage stamp
see picture at mail
: a small piece of paper that is attached to something and that shows that a tax or fee has been paid see also food stamp
: a device or tool that is used to mark something (such as a piece of paper) with a design, pattern, word, etc., by being pushed against a surface : a device or tool used for stamping something see also rubber stamp
: the mark made by a stamp
[singular] : a sign of a special or specific quality usually + of
[count] : an indication of something usually singular
[singular] : an important or lasting effect
[singular] literary : a particular kind or type
[count] : the act of bringing your foot down heavily and noisily
2 stamp /ˈstæmp/ verb
stamps; stamped; stamping
2 stamp
stamps; stamped; stamping
Learner's definition of STAMP
[+ object] : to bring (your foot) down heavily and noisily
always followed by an adverb or preposition, [no object] : to walk heavily and noisily
[+ object]
: to use a special device (called a stamp) to put a design, word, etc., on something : to create a mark by pressing a special tool against a surface
[+ object] : to form (something) with a device that presses down on a material and cuts out shapes
[+ object] : to cause (something) to stay in your mind or memory
[+ object] : to attach a postage stamp to (something)

stamp as

[phrasal verb]
stamp (someone) as (something)
: to show that (someone) is (a particular type of person)

stamp on

[phrasal verb]
stamp on (something)
: to step heavily on (something) with your foot
: to end (something) in a forceful way

stamp out

[phrasal verb]
stamp (something) out or stamp out (something)
: to stop or destroy (something bad)
: to stop (something) from burning by stepping on it forcefully with your feet

— stamper

noun, plural stampers [count]