1 stake /ˈsteɪk/ noun
plural stakes
1 stake
plural stakes
Learner's definition of STAKE
[count] : a pointed stick or post that is pushed into the ground especially to mark a place or to support something
the stake : a post that a person was tied to and burned on in the past as a form of punishment
stakes [plural] : something (such as money) that you could win or lose in a game, contest, etc.
: an interest or share in a business
: an interest or degree of involvement in something

at stake

: in a position to be lost or gained

go to the stake for/over

: to defend (something or someone) even though your actions or statements may cause you trouble or harm

pull up stakes

US, informal
: to leave your job or home
2 stake /ˈsteɪk/ verb
stakes; staked; staking
2 stake
stakes; staked; staking
Learner's definition of STAKE
[+ object]
: to risk the loss of (something, such as money) usually + on
: to support (something, such as a plant) with stakes

stake out

[phrasal verb]
stake (something) out or stake out (something)
: to mark the limits of (an area) with stakes
: to watch (a place) secretly especially because you are looking for illegal activity
see also stakeout
: to state (your opinion) in a very clear and definite way

stake (out) a/your claim

: to say or show that you believe you should have something or that you deserve something