1 stage /ˈsteɪʤ/ noun
1 stage
Learner's definition of STAGE
[count] : a particular point or period in the growth or development of something
: a raised platform in a theater, auditorium, etc., where the performers stand
see picture at theater; see also backstage, center stage, offstage
[noncount] : the art or profession of acting and especially of acting in theaters
[singular] : a place or area of activity in which the things that happen are watched with great interest by many people
[count] : a section of a rocket that has its own fuel and engine

in stages

: in a series of separate steps rather than all at one time

set the stage (for something)

: to make (something) possible or likely
2 stage /ˈsteɪʤ/ verb
stages; staged; staging
2 stage
stages; staged; staging
Learner's definition of STAGE
[+ object]
: to produce (a play, performance, etc.) on a stage
: to organize and produce (a public event)
: to arrange or do (something that is intended to get a lot of public attention)
: to succeed in doing or making (something)