1 spit /ˈspɪt/ verb
spits; spat /ˈspæt/ or chiefly US spit; spitting
1 spit
spits; spat /ˈspæt/ or chiefly US spit; spitting
Learner's definition of SPIT
[no object] : to force saliva from your mouth
[+ object] : to force (something, such as food or liquid) from your mouth often + out
sometimes used figuratively
[+ object] : to say (something) in a quick and angry way
[no object] : to throw off or send out something (such as sparks or drops of fat) especially while burning or cooking
informal : to rain or snow lightly
[no object]
[+ object]

spit it out

used to tell someone to say something that he or she does not want to say or is having a hard time saying.

spit up

[phrasal verb]
spit up or spit (something) up or spit up (something) US, informal, of babies
: to vomit or throw up a usually small amount of food or liquid
2 spit /ˈspɪt/ noun
2 spit
Learner's definition of SPIT
: the liquid produced in your mouth : saliva
: someone who looks very much like someone else : spitting image

spit and vinegar

US, informal
: strength and energy
compare 3spit
3 spit /ˈspɪt/ noun
plural spits
3 spit
plural spits
Learner's definition of SPIT
: a thin pointed rod or stick that is used for holding meat over a fire to cook it
: a narrow piece of land that goes out into a body of water
compare 2spit
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