1 special /ˈspɛʃəl/ adjective
1 special
Learner's definition of SPECIAL
[more special; most special] : different from what is normal or usual
especially : unusual in a good way : better or more important than others
[more special; most special] : especially important or loved
always used before a noun
: more than is usual
: additional or extra
always used before a noun : relating to or intended for a particular purpose
2 special /ˈspɛʃəl/ noun
plural specials
2 special
plural specials
Learner's definition of SPECIAL
: a television or radio program that is not part of a regular series
: a meal that is not on a restaurant's usual menu
: sale 2

handyman's special

see handyman

on special

: selling at a price that is lower than usual : on sale
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