1 some /ˈsʌm/ /səm/ adjective
1 some
/ˈsʌm/ /səm/
Learner's definition of SOME
always used before a noun
used to refer to a person or thing that is not known, named, or specified
: of an unspecified amount or number
: of a fairly large amount or number
used to express approval
used to express disapproval, disappointment, etc.
2 some /ˈsʌm/ pronoun
2 some
Learner's definition of SOME
: an unspecified amount or number of people or things

and then some

: and more in addition to that
3 some /ˈsʌm/ /ˌsʌm/ adverb
3 some
/ˈsʌm/ /ˌsʌm/
Learner's definition of SOME
used to indicate that a number is approximate
sometimes used in combination
: to an unspecified amount or degree
often used informally in U.S. English without more
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