1 solitary /ˈsɑːləˌteri/ Brit /ˈsɒlətri/ adjective
1 solitary
/ˈsɑːləˌteri/ Brit /ˈsɒlətri/
Learner's definition of SOLITARY
: without anyone or anything else : not involving or including anyone or anything else
sometimes used in negative statements to emphasize a complete lack of something
: done by a person who is alone
: separate from other people or things
[more solitary; most solitary] : tending to live or spend time alone

— solitarily

/ˌsɑːləˈterəli/ Brit /ˈsɒlətrəli/ adverb

— solitariness

/ˈsɑːləˌterinəs/ Brit /ˈsɒlətrinəs/ noun [noncount]
2 solitary /ˈsɑːləˌteri/ Brit /ˈsɒlətri/ noun
2 solitary
/ˈsɑːləˌteri/ Brit /ˈsɒlətri/
Learner's definition of SOLITARY
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