1 soft /ˈsɑːft/ adjective
softer; softest
1 soft
softer; softest
Learner's definition of SOFT
: easy to press, bend, cut, etc. : not hard or firm
opposite hard
: smooth and pleasant to touch
: having a very light color : not strong or bright in color or tone
of light : not bright or harsh
: gentle in manner : not harsh
: not strong or very forceful
: having a curved or rounded outline
disapproving : not strict, harsh, or critical enough
often + on
: involving little work or effort : easy
: not physically strong : not muscular
: not brave or tough
: feeling sympathy for other people : sympathetic and kind opposite hard
: relating to matters that are not serious or important opposite hard
of an illegal drug : not as strong or harmful to the health as other drugs opposite hard
of water : not containing many minerals and able to make bubbles with soap opposite hard
: sounding like the “c” in “ace” or the “g” in “gem”
opposite hard

soft in the head

: stupid or crazy

soft on

informal + old-fashioned
: attracted to (someone) see also 1soft 6 (above)

— softly


— softness

/ˈsɑːftnəs/ noun [singular]
2 soft /ˈsɑːft/ adverb
softer; softest
2 soft
softer; softest
Learner's definition of SOFT
chiefly US
: in a soft or gentle way
: in a way that is not strong or forceful
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