1 soak /ˈsoʊk/ verb
soaks; soaked; soaking
1 soak
soaks; soaked; soaking
Learner's definition of SOAK
: to put (something) in a liquid for a period of time
[+ object]
[no object]
[no object] : to take a long bath
[+ object] : to make (someone or something) very wet with water or another liquid
[no object] of a liquid : to enter or pass through or into something
[+ object] informal : to make (someone) pay a lot of money for something

soak in

[phrasal verb] of a liquid
: to enter something by a gradual process
often used figuratively

soak up

[phrasal verb]
soak up (something) or soak (something) up
: to take in (liquid) : absorb
: to enjoy feeling or experiencing (something pleasant) in usually a slow or relaxed way
: to learn and remember (something) quickly
: to use a large amount of (money, supplies, etc.)
2 soak /ˈsoʊk/ noun
2 soak
Learner's definition of SOAK
: an act of letting something stay in a liquid for a long time in order to soften or clean it
informal : a long bath
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