1 sling /ˈslɪŋ/ verb
slings; slung /ˈslʌŋ/ ; slinging
1 sling
slings; slung /ˈslʌŋ/ ; slinging
Learner's definition of SLING
[+ object]
: to throw (something) with a forceful sweeping motion
often used figuratively
see also mudslinging
: to hang (something) loosely often used as (be) slung

sling your hook

British, informal
: to go away : leave
2 sling /ˈslɪŋ/ noun
plural slings
2 sling
plural slings
Learner's definition of SLING
: something that is used to lift, carry, or support something: such as
: a piece of cloth that hangs around your neck and is used to support an injured arm or hand
: a long strap attached to something
: a large piece of cloth that is worn usually around your neck and that forms a bag which is used to hold a baby close to you
: a large net, rope, chain, etc., that is used to lift heavy things
: a strap usually with a pocket in the middle that is used to throw something (such as a stone)

slings and arrows

: the problems and criticisms that are experienced in someone's life