1 sight /ˈsaɪt/ noun
plural sights
1 sight
plural sights
Learner's definition of SIGHT
[noncount] : the sense through which a person or animal becomes aware of light, color, etc., by using the eyes : the ability to see
[noncount] : the act of seeing someone or something
often + of
often used figuratively
[noncount] : a position in which someone or something can be seen
sometimes used figuratively
◊ The phrase out of sight, out of mind means that you stop thinking about something or someone if you do not see that thing or person for a period of time.
: someone or something that is seen
: a famous or interesting place in an area usually plural
[singular] informal : someone or something that is strange, funny, messy, etc.
sights [plural] : a goal or expectation
[count] : a device that is used to aim a gun usually plural
sometimes used figuratively
[singular] informal : a large amount or extent : a lot

a sight for sore eyes

: a person or thing that you are very glad to see

at first sight

see 1first

drop out of sight

see 2drop

heave in/into sight

see 1heave

no end in sight

see 1end

out of sight

US, informal + old-fashioned

sight gag

see 2gag

sight unseen

: without seeing or examining something
2 sight /ˈsaɪt/ verb
sights; sighted; sighting
2 sight
sights; sighted; sighting
Learner's definition of SIGHT
[+ object]
: to see (something or someone that is being looked for or that is rarely seen or difficult to see)