1 side /ˈsaɪd/ noun
plural sides
1 side
plural sides
Learner's definition of SIDE
[count] : a place, space, or direction that is away from or beyond the center of something
often used with on or to
: an outer surface or part of something often + of
: one of the surfaces of an object that is not the front, back, top, or bottom often + of
: one of the two surfaces of a thin object often + of
[count] : a line that forms part of a geometric shape : a surface that forms part of a geometric object
[count] : one of the slopes of a hill or mountain often + of
see also hillside, mountainside
: the right or left part of your body : the right or left part of your body from your shoulder to your hip
: the place directly to the right or left of someone usually singular
often used figuratively
see also blind side
[count] : one of two or more opinions, positions, etc., that disagree with each other
see also on your side (below)
[count] : one of the two or more people or groups that are involved in an argument, war, etc.
: a sports team
baseball : the players on a team who bat in an inning usually singular
[count] : a particular part or feature of something that is opposite to or different from another part or feature
often + of
see also downside, flip side, upside
used in phrases like on the large side, on the heavy side, etc., to describe someone or something as somewhat heavy, large, etc.
: a part of someone's personality that is opposite or different from another part
used in phrases like be/get on someone's good/bad side and be/get on the right/wrong side of someone to talk about doing things that cause someone to like you or dislike you
[count] : the ancestors or relatives of your mother or your father
[count] US : a small amount of food that is ordered in addition to the main meal often + of
[count] : one of the two halves of an animal that is eaten as food usually + of
[count] chiefly British : a page of writing on one side of a piece of paper
[count] British, informal + old-fashioned : a television channel usually singular

a thorn in the/your side

see thorn

err on the side of

see err

(from) side to side

: moving to the left and then to the right

let the side down

: to disappoint your family, friends, etc., by failing to do what is needed or expected

on side

: included among the group of people who support a particular goal, project, etc.

on the bright side

see bright

on the credit side

see 1credit

on the debit side

see 1debit

on the right/wrong side of 30, 40, 50 (etc.)

: younger/older than 30, 40, 50 (etc.)

on the side

: in addition to the main item in a meal
: served next to something rather than on top of it
: in addition to your main job
: as part of a secret romantic relationship that is outside of your marriage or main romantic relationship

on the wrong/right side of the law

used to say that someone is or is not living the life of a criminal

on your side

: as an advantage
: helping you to succeed
see also 1side 6 (above)

side by side

: next to each other and facing in the same direction
: together or very close to each other

split your sides (laughing)

see 1split

the other side of the coin

see 1coin

the wrong side of the tracks

see 1track

this side of

: very nearly (something)
: that is not (something) : other than (something)
British : before

to the/one side

: to a place that is on one side : aside
: in a state in which something is not dealt with, done, or used until a later time : aside
see also 1side 1 (above)

two sides of the same coin

see 1coin
compare 4side
2 side /ˈsaɪd/ adjective
2 side
Learner's definition of SIDE
always used before a noun
: of or located on the side of something
: happening or done in addition to the main or most important thing
: in addition to the main meal
3 side /ˈsaɪd/ verb
sides; sided; siding
3 side
sides; sided; siding
Learner's definition of SIDE
[+ object] US
: to cover the outside walls of (a building) with long pieces of material (called siding)

side against

[phrasal verb]
side against (someone)
: to not agree with (someone) : to not support the opinions or actions of (someone)

side with

[phrasal verb]
side with (someone)
: to agree with or support the opinions or actions of (someone)
4 side /ˈsaɪd/ noun
4 side
Learner's definition of SIDE
[noncount] British, informal
: an unpleasantly proud attitude or way of behaving
compare 1side