1 shoulder /ˈʃoʊldɚ/ noun
plural shoulders
1 shoulder
plural shoulders
Learner's definition of SHOULDER
[count] : the part of your body where your arm is connected
often used figuratively
see picture at human; see also cold shoulder
[count] : the part of an animal's body where a front leg is connected
: a cut of meat from the shoulder of an animal
[count] : the part of a piece of clothing that covers your shoulders usually plural
[count] : a part of something that is near the top and that resembles a person's shoulder in shape often + of
[singular] US : the outside edge of a road that is not used for travel
called also (British) hard shoulder

a good head on your shoulders

see 1head

a shoulder to cry on

: a person who gives you sympathy and support
: sympathy and support

have a chip on your shoulder

see 1chip

head and shoulders above

see 1head

look over your shoulder

: to worry or think about the possibility that something bad might happen, that someone will try to harm you, etc.

rub shoulders with

see 1rub

shoulder to shoulder

: physically close together
: united together to achieve a shared goal
2 shoulder /ˈʃoʊldɚ/ verb
shoulders; shouldered; shouldering
2 shoulder
shoulders; shouldered; shouldering
Learner's definition of SHOULDER
[+ object] : to deal with or accept (something) as your responsibility or duty
[+ object] : to push (something) with your shoulder
always followed by an adverb or preposition : to move forward by pushing through something with the shoulders
[no object]
[+ object]
[+ object] : to place or carry (something) on your shoulder