1 shade /ˈʃeɪd/ noun
plural shades
1 shade
plural shades
Learner's definition of SHADE
[noncount] : an area of slight darkness that is produced when something blocks the light of the sun
: something that is used to block strong light
shades [plural] informal : sunglasses
[noncount] : a darkened area in a drawing, painting, etc.
[count] : a particular type of a color that is lighter, darker, etc., than other types usually + of
[count] : a particular form of something that is usually slightly different from other forms
[count] : a very small amount

draw the shades on

see 1draw

have it made in the shade

US, informal
: to have a very easy life or to be in a very good situation

put (someone or something) in the shade

chiefly British, informal
: to be much better than (someone or something)

shades of

used to say what or who you are reminded of when you look at or think about someone or something

— shadeless

2 shade /ˈʃeɪd/ verb
shades; shaded; shading
2 shade
shades; shaded; shading
Learner's definition of SHADE
[+ object]
: to shelter (something) from strong light and especially from sunlight
: to make an area in a drawing, on a graph, etc., darker than other areas
sometimes + in
US : to change (something, such as the truth) slightly in order to deceive people

shade into

[phrasal verb]
shade into (something)
: to slowly or gradually change into (something) or become the same as (something)