1 senior /ˈsiːnjɚ/ adjective
1 senior
Learner's definition of SENIOR
not used before a noun US
: older in age usually + to
used chiefly in its abbreviated form Sr. to identify a father who has the same name as his son. compare junior
: higher in standing or rank than another person in the same position
often + to compare junior
always used before a noun
: of, relating to, or designed for older people
: designed for or done by adults or people over a certain age
2 senior /ˈsiːnjɚ/ noun
plural seniors
2 senior
plural seniors
Learner's definition of SENIOR
: a person who is older than another person
compare junior
: a person who is of a higher rank than another person
US : a student in the final year of high school or college often used before another noun
compare freshman, junior, sophomore
chiefly US : senior citizen