1 second /ˈsɛkənd/ adjective
1 second
Learner's definition of SECOND
always used before a noun
: occupying the number two position in a series
: next to the first in importance or rank
: another of the same kind
used to refer to the forward gear or speed of a vehicle that is next to the lowest forward gear
sometimes used figuratively
: having or playing the part in a group of instruments that is one level lower than the first see also play second fiddle at 1fiddle

every second

used to indicate how often a repeated activity happens or is done

second only to

: only less important than (something or someone)

second to none

see 1none
2 second /ˈsɛkənd/ adverb
2 second
Learner's definition of SECOND
: in a position that only comes after one other in time, order, or importance
see also second best
used to introduce a statement that is the second in a series of statements
3 second /ˈsɛkənd/ noun
plural seconds
3 second
plural seconds
Learner's definition of SECOND
[singular] : something that is second : the second thing in a series
see also a close second at 2close
seconds [plural] : another serving of food taken after you are finished with the first serving
[singular] : a statement made to support or approve a motion in a meeting
[count] : a product that is cheaper than normal because it is damaged or imperfect usually plural
[noncount] : the forward gear or speed in a vehicle that is one speed higher than first gear
[count] British : an undergraduate degree of the second highest level from a British university
[noncount] baseball : second base
[count] : a person whose job is to help someone who is fighting in a boxing match or duel
compare 4second
4 second /ˈsɛkənd/ noun
plural seconds
4 second
plural seconds
Learner's definition of SECOND
: a unit of time that is equal to ¹/₆₀ of a minute
informal : a very brief period of time
see also split second
technical : one of 60 equal parts into which a minute can be divided for measuring angles

just a second

see 2just

just this second

see 2just
compare 3second
5 second /ˈsɛkənd/ verb
seconds; seconded; seconding
5 second
seconds; seconded; seconding
Learner's definition of SECOND
[+ object]
: to approve (something, such as a motion) during a meeting so that discussion or voting can begin
informal : to agree with (a suggestion or statement)
/sɪˈkɑːnd/ British : to move (someone) from a regular job to a different place, department, etc., for a short period of time usually used as (be) seconded

— seconder

noun, plural seconders [count]