1 seat /ˈsiːt/ noun
plural seats
1 seat
plural seats
Learner's definition of SEAT
[count] : something (such as a chair) that you sit on : a place for sitting
see picture at bicycle; see also backseat, catbird seat
[count] : the part of a chair or other piece of furniture that a person sits on
[singular] : the part of a piece of clothing (such as a skirt or pair of pants) that you sit on + of
[count] somewhat old-fashioned : the part of the body on which you sit
[count] : an official position within an organization and the right to be present when that organization meets
: a place or area where a particular activity, function, etc., occurs + of
: a place (such as a city) where the people who run a government, religion, etc., are based + of
see also county seat

by the seat of your pants

: by using your own judgment and feelings to deal with each new problem or task without planning, preparation, or help from others
see also seat-of-the-pants

get/put bums on seats

see 5bum

in the driver's seat

see driver

on the edge of your seat

see 1edge
2 seat /ˈsiːt/ verb
seats; seated; seating
2 seat
seats; seated; seating
Learner's definition of SEAT
[+ object]
: to give (a person) a place to sit often used as (be) seated
: to have enough seats for (a certain number of people)